The appreciation of the dollar will no longer create problems for entrepreneurs

The biggest problem we are facing now is the imbalance between the bank and the client, untimely fulfillment of the terms of the agreement.

At a meeting with entrepreneurs, the President touched upon this problem and noted that if the dollar rate increases, a system will be introduced that will not harm the entrepreneur.

Also, it was envisaged to create a foreign exchange risk management company under the Ministry of Finance and its branches in the regions. This company transfers funds attracted by banks in foreign currency in the amount necessary to provide a loan in the domestic market only in national currency. That is, an increase in the exchange rate of the dollar or euro does not create additional overhead costs for the entrepreneur.

Next year, banks will receive an additional $ 600 million from the Market-Based Recovery and Development Fund. These funds will be provided on a competitive basis to both state and private banks. Whichever bank provides the best business plan, projects with high returns and the most jobs, funds will be provided to these banks. This is reported by the deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Khuzhamkulov Khazratkul.