Now transplantation of human organs and tissues is enshrined in the law

On September 20, at the Republican Specialized Surgical Medical Center named after Academician V. Vakhidov, the committees of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis on science, education and health care, youth, culture and sports, as well as on women and gender equality, with the participation of senior officials, held a round table dedicated to discussion of the draft law "On transplantation of human organs and tissues", its essence and significance.

It was noted that earlier, due to the lack of kidney and liver transplantation operations in our country, many of our citizens were treated in foreign countries at the expense of large funds. Some even died.

It is noteworthy that the reforms carried out in recent years in this area have created an opportunity to establish the practice of kidney, liver and stem cell transplantation in our country. As a result, more than 700 such operations have been successfully performed in our country to date.

In our country, 5 thousand patients suffer from liver cirrhosis, of which 500 or 10% require liver transplantation. To date, 10 liver transplant operations have been performed in our country.

In the future, it is planned to increase the number of kidney transplants up to 250 per year, and liver transplants - up to 50 per year. It also provides for the introduction of heart transplantation and 50 operations per year, as well as the implementation of lung transplants and 30 operations per year.

At the round table, our compatriots who have undergone such operations expressed their opinion on this matter, noting that the development of this bill will become an important document in protecting the health of our people and creating favorable conditions.