Shavkat Mirziyoyev congratulated the youth of Uzbekistan and identified 7 priority tasks for their comprehensive support

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the Forum of Youth and Students of Uzbekistan on June 30.

At the forum, the head of state visited exhibitions and demonstrations of the achievements of young people in the field of science. Then the President made a congratulatory speech in honor of June 30-Youth Day:

— Every time I meet with you, I do not get tired of repeating one thing: appreciate science, strive for science! As you can see, those peoples and states that studied, mastered modern sciences and professions, and brought up the younger generation in this spirit are developing rapidly in the world. We will use all the opportunities for the youth of Uzbekistan to rise to such a high level.

There was also a ceremony of awarding orders and medals to young people who have made a worthy contribution to the development of our country and its international prestige.

«Educated youth is the foundation of the future. With today's efforts, you are laying the foundation for the future. I am proud of you»,- Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

At the end of the event, the president identified 7 main tasks for the comprehensive support of the young generation of Uzbekistan:

1) A program will be created to ensure employment at the end of each academic year of graduates at the level of the district, city, region and republic. The khokims of regions, districts and cities, as well as the heads of sectors, will be responsible for solving the problems of young people..

2) This year, the classifier of professions and positions requiring higher education will be revised. This initiative is aimed at providing jobs to the younger generation without higher education.

3) Graduates of grades 10-11 will have to master one of the professions in demand on the labor market before receiving a certificate.

4) A system of leasing land for a period of 10 years will be established. Thus, another 500 thousand residents of rural areas will be provided with permanent work.

5) On the basis of providing preferential loans and leasing to young people, more than 50 thousand modern car service points, household services, retail trade and public catering of light construction will be built.

6) Technoparks will be created in many regions of the republic for the development of information technologies. A system of selecting startup ideas for young people will be established, 100 billion soums are planned to be allocated from the budget to finance the best projects. The regional khokims will hold competitions of startup projects of young people "The first step in Business", at least three winners from each district will receive grants from the local budget. The amount of one grant is 50 million soums.

7)The National Bank, the Agency for Youth Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, together with prestigious higher educational institutions, intend to create a business school to attract the younger generation to entrepreneurship. Moreover, the National Bank will allocate $ 100 million to establish a system of support for young people who are abroad and want to return to their homeland in organizing their business and housing development.

Thus, the president of our country provides comprehensive support to the young generation of Uzbekistan, because, as the head of state himself noted, the development of Uzbekistan is directly related to the development of our youth.