The rules of entry to Russia have changed

According to Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexey Overchuk, from July 1, entry to Russia using the "Traveling without COVID-19" application will be mandatory for the EAEU countries, and from September 1, Russia plans to extend these rules to the CIS countries.

"I ask you to take this very seriously, so that people from the Commonwealth have the opportunity to enter Russia. Without this application, it will be impossible to enter, " said Alexey Overchuk.

The mobile app "Traveling without COVID-19" is available for iOS and Android operating systems. With the help of the platform, you can select a clinic for testing for coronavirus and get the analysis result, which is stored and displayed in the application. The app allows you to find nearby laboratories for testing for Covid-19 before traveling. When crossing the border, you must show the QR code with the results of the analysis to the controller.