Bridge holidays of 2021

The President of Uzbekistan signed a Decree “On the establishment of additional non-working days during the celebration of official dates and the transfer of days off in 2021” the Ministry of Justice reported. The decree was signed on May 10 this year.
Since the Board of Muslims of Uzbekistan appointed May 13 as the first day of Ramadan Hayit , Thursday, May 13, 2021 is celebrated as the holiday of Ramadan Hayit.

Accordingly, four days in a row for Ramadan Hayit holidays:
- 13 May Thursday (public holiday);.
- Friday 14 May (additional non-working day for all) ;.
- 15 May Saturday (additional non-working day for all);.
- Sunday 16 May (calendar day off).

The following days are declared holidays for everyone, regardless of the working week:
- May 15 (Saturday);.
- July 21 (Wednesday);.
- July 22 (Thursday);.

Additional days off:
- May 14 (Friday);.
- December 31 (Friday).

In addition, some days off in Uzbekistan were postponed:
- from July 17 (Saturday) to July 21 (Wednesday);.
- from July 24 (Saturday) to July 22 (Thursday).