Development of the food industry

Development of the food industry

As is known, the Hyatt Regency Hotel in the capital is hosting the first meeting of the Ministers of Agriculture of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) and the Turkish Agricultural Forum. The event was attended by the Chairman of the Food Industry Association of Uzbekistan Bakhodir Umirshaykhov, who made comments and suggestions aimed at developing the industry.

“We, as an association of the food industry, know from our own experience what an important role cooperation with business entities of the Turkic states plays in the consistent development of our industry.

Historically, close trade relations are developing between the entrepreneurs of our countries, there is an exchange of technologies, qualifications and experience in this area. From this point of view, the activities of the organization of Turkic states will contribute to the further development of existing relations of cooperation and solidarity.

Taking this opportunity, I want to make a few suggestions that can effectively serve the development of trade relations and export-import operations between entrepreneurs of the Turkic countries:

First offer. We are talking about considering the possibility of establishing interbank trade in agricultural products between member countries of the organization of Turkic states. At present, there is a positive experience of holding such events between our country and the states of Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Russia. In particular, the practice of expanding the geography of trade makes it possible to regulate and stabilize trade and payments.

Second suggestion. Implementation of a project on the exchange of experience on the unification of agricultural products, ensuring their compliance with biological, technical standards and requirements of a particular territory in order to improve the export potential of Uzbekistan with the support of relevant government agencies. The project should be launched through the introduction of information technologies in order to ensure constant information exchange between the dekhkan farm, the owner of the household plot and others.

At the same time, it is necessary to introduce a "green logistics" system. This project is being successfully implemented in a number of foreign countries and contributes to a sharp increase in the export of agricultural products to the world market, said Bakhodir Umirshaykhov.