Events in Kazakhstan by this time

President Tokayev declared January 10 a day of national mourning, and 7,939 demonstrators were detained.

Supermarkets, gas stations and pharmacies have reopened in Almaty. The counter-terrorist operation continues, a group of looters was detained in the city and two extremist cells neutralized

Secretary of State of Kazakhstan: all services have been transferred to full readiness, the involvement of the CSTO cut the plans to destabilize the country

MFA of Kazakhstan: the country was subjected to armed aggression by well-coordinated terrorist groups trained abroad

394 National Guard employees were injured during the riots

Operations headquarters: 17 security officials were killed during the riots

All airports in Kazakhstan, except for the air harbors of Almaty and Taldykorgan, operate normally

The Internet was resumed in a number of cities, including Petropavlovsk, Almaty, Kyzylorda and so on.

Five Kyrgyz citizens detained in Kazakhstan