General cleaning in Australia

Australia's most populous state, New South Wales, has begun recovering from flooding caused by heavy torrential rains over several days. According to representatives of the rescue services, many areas of the state "now look like an inland sea." Scraps of houses and furniture are scattered throughout vast areas.

More than 18 thousand people were evacuated from the city of Port Macquarie, which is almost half of its population. Volunteers help victims of the disaster who have lost most of their property there. People are glad that they survived, but they understand that it will be difficult to restore their homes to their previous normal state.
As notes, this flood became the largest in Australia over the past 60 years and caused colossal material damage: hundreds of houses were destroyed, power lines were broken, many roads were flooded. Local authorities have not yet undertaken to say how much time and money will be spent on eliminating the consequences of the disaster.