Senators in the territories

On July 12-16 of this year, senators working in the Senate on a permanent basis will make a business trip to Karakalpakstan, regions and Tashkent city.

Senators pay special attention to the following issues during meetings with residents and deputies of local councils:

Explaining to the population the essence and importance of the draft Constitutional Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Amendments and Additions to the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan";
To explain the essence of the laws and other issues considered at the twenty-eighth plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
study the implementation of the decisions of the Senate, Senate Council and committees;
on-the-spot study of appeals received from citizens to the Senate and holding meetings regarding them and providing practical assistance in this regard.
Members of the Senate will also conduct direct dialogues with the population in order to identify the problems that are bothering the population.