Smart goggle and suit

Athletes are increasingly using wearable tech to push the boundaries of human ability. Smart Swim Goggles feature an augmented heads-up display and trackers that monitor a swimmer’s performance in the pool. As well as displaying data through goggles, it also sends data to the user’s smartphone.

Worn like normal goggles, the Smart Swim Goggles feature an augmented reality heads-up display that allows you to track your progress as you swim, letting you know your speed, distance, and biometric data like heart rate.

Among the most exciting innovations in the field is the TESLASUIT (which isn't connected to the car manufacturer) a full-body smart jumpsuit that captures both motion and biometrics and provides haptic feedback to the wearer. For example, if it detects that a boxer is swinging punches with a poor technique, it will deliver an electric pulse to let them know.