State shares of football clubs will be sold

The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 30.04.2021 No. 261 "On measures to improve the efficiency of football clubs' activities" was adopted.


In accordance with the Presidential Decree of 04.12.2019 No. UP-5887 "On measures to develop football in Uzbekistan", government agencies and business entities, together with the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, were instructed to develop and approve the Road map "on the efficient use of football stadiums and increasing their profitability, which provides for:

• organization of catering (cafes, restaurants), sports shops, entertainment facilities on the territory of the stadium;
• reconstruction, repair and improvement of football stadiums on the basis of public-private partnerships, as well as ensuring their continuous operation throughout the year;
• an increase in the number of sports events (competitions, sports sections), concerts and other public events held at stadiums throughout the year.


The document was published in uzbek language in the National Legislation Database and entered into force on April 30, 2021.