The International Conference of Central Asian Metal Market has started

Today, Tashkent hosted the International Conference "Central Asian Metal Market", in which about 100 representatives of metallurgical, metal trade and industrial companies take part. And Uzmetallsavdo take a part as general partner of this Conference.

The first session discusses trends in the development of metallurgy in the world and in Central Asia, in particular, and discusses important principles for the production and supply of high quality metal products to consumers in 2022-2023.

The conference participants will also discuss current trends and prospects for the development of the metal market in Central Asia, as well as investment projects in the field of metallurgy, metal trade and metal processing.

The final part of the event will focus on the opportunities of Russian metallurgical and metal trading companies for the Central Asian market.

In addition, the conference participants will visit the facilities of the Tashkent Metallurgical Combine, as well as Uzmetallsavdo and Metal Profil.

For information, the main activity of Uzmetallsavdo, which began its activities in 1938, was the construction of the most important facilities of the Republic of Uzbekistan, production enterprises of the national economy in such sectors as machinery, energy, oil and gas, chemical industry, as well as small and supply a wide range of ferrous metal products for medium business needs.