The Top Business Group company has been engaged in publishing since 2008 and is widely known in the business community for the business magazines such as Top Business, Consumer - Iste'molchi and through the ELEVATE platform, which provides services in the field of SMM promotion.

Thanks to the far-sighted leadership and well-coordinated team of the Top Business Group, for 12 years the company has achieved tangible success and continues to actively develop - this is proved by the new project "Bright Uzbekistan".

Bright Uzbekistan includes three directions - export, import and investments. The magazine contains information about investment projects in Uzbekistan, the activities of companies and the secrets of success from the words of their managers. Reference materials on exports, imports and analysis of the economic activity of Uzbekistan are also published on the pages of the journal. Additional information is available on the "Bright Uzbekistan" website, as well as on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and the Telegram channels.

The Bright Uzbekistan magazine is distributed on the board of UzAirways aircrafts and high-speed Afrosiyob trains, in hotels, at international exhibitions, through the embassies of our republic in the CIS countries, Europe, Asia and America.

The Bright Uzbekistan project is an excellent opportunity to get an idea of ​​the export, import and investment activities of Uzbekistan, about our partners, demonstrate your business at the global level, conclude new, long-awaited contracts and expand the geography of supplies.

The main mission of the project is to tell about the conditions for doing business in the new Uzbekistan, display a real positive image of Uzbek businessmen, attract the attention of foreign investors, unite interests and contribute to the expansion and strengthening of partnerships in common business projects.

Circulation of the magazine:

10,000 +






First edition:

January 2021

Published in Uzbek, Russian and English.

The general sponsor of the project is the AKFA group of companies.

The sponsor of the project are Arment Construction Chemicals, Dream City

Information support - "AHAD MIX"