10 interesting facts you didn't know about Bill Gates

Who is Bill Gates? Today, hardly anyone can be puzzled by this question. Everyone knows the founder of Microsoft, but there are interesting facts from the biography of Bill Gates that you’ve hardly heard of.

• Bill Gates comes from a wealthy family
Many people think that Bill Gates is from a simple family, but this is a myth. Bill's father is a famous lawyer. The mother is not just a teacher, but the president of the national council of United Way International, a member of the board of directors of a finance and telephone company.

• At the age of 13 he wrote his first program
At the age of 13, his parents transferred little Bill to a private privileged Lakeside school. By the way, here he met his future business partner - Paul Allen (co-founder of Microsoft Corporation).

• Created a program to get into classes with beautiful girls
Learning about the abilities of Bill Gates, the school leadership invited him to write a program that would automatically form classes and timetable.

• Before Microsoft was founded, Gates had another company
Paul Allen, Bill Gates and their friend Paul Gilbert started their first firm when Gates was 17 years old. The company was called Traf-O-Data and was distributing meters for traffic analysis. For this work, young people rescued $ 20,000.

• The founder of Microsoft was not immediately educated
In 1973, Bill Gates entered Harvard University and planned to follow in the footsteps of his lawyer's father, so he chose law courses. But soon he got tired of studying and 2 years after the start of training he was expelled for absenteeism.

• Bill Gates was behind bars three times
You might be surprised, but Bill Gates loves to drive fast. He was repeatedly detained and arrested for violating traffic rules, driving without a license and bickering with the police.

• Spy-free wedding and unusual contract
Bill and Melinda signed in 1994. The ceremony took place on Lanai Island, in a narrow circle of relatives and close friends. To avoid unnecessary hype and the presence of "uninvited guests" in the form of journalists, Bill bought all the hotel rooms and rented all the helicopters that could fly to the hotel from the nearest island.

• As an inheritance, children will receive only a small share of all wealth
One of the richest people in the world will leave children without a multibillion-dollar inheritance. He has three children and each of them will receive $ 10 million (as of 04/05/2020, according to Forbes, this amount is 0.01% of Bill Gates' fortune). The rest of the money will go to charity.

• Special rules for gadgets
In 2012, Melinda Gates said in an interview that their children are not allowed to use Apple products.

• Bill Gates is recognized as the most respected man in the world
The YouGov Sociological Service, based on the results of an international survey, has compiled a rating of the most respected people in the world in 2019. The first place was taken by Bill Gates.