Forget The Apple Watch – Here Comes The Apple Smart Ring

Apple plans to launch a smart ring in the coming days.

The basic description of the ring is a ‘wearable electronic computing ring device,’ and is curiously listed as an interface as opposed to being considered a standalone device. That may indicate that the purpose of the ring may be to make interaction with other Apple devices easier, rather than simply replacing them. That might mean, for example, remote control of a Mac, an iPad, or an iPhone without having to pick up or touch the devices. Technology that’s listed as being part and parcel of the rings includes hand gesture sensors, voice control and response, and a small touchscreen.

In real terms, this might mean we’ll be able to answer a phone call by gesturing to the ring and holding it to our ear, or even dealing with a video call by holding the ring up to eye level. The wireless transceiver the ring is packing suggests that it will connect to the internet, and the ‘rechargeable power source’ might indicate that it comes with a charger. Alternatively, the ring might be powered by kinesis – therefore charging itself every time the person wearing it moves their hand. Although a little bulkier than a wedding or engagement ring tends to be, it looks like the Apple Ring should be able to fit on one finger without becoming uncomfortable.