A new non-state TV channel begins its work

The Renaissance TV channel will start broadcasting in a test mode today, on September 1. Currently, the TV channel will cover 70% of the territory of our republic and gradually provide its media products throughout the country.

«Currently, 13 of the 48 TV and radio channels included in the association are non-state TV channels in the regions. Each of them does not compete with each other because of its audience and distribution territory. The main goal of Renaissance TV is to unite these TV channels into a single television network, to provide them with comprehensive support», – said Deputy Director of the Association R. Yabborov.

Renaissance TV, on the basis of contracts with the Uzbek Cinematography Agency, private film studios, relevant organizations, provides viewers with various media products, films and series through this television network. There will also be broadcasts in various formats dedicated to discussing topical issues of our society with the participation of leading experts, relevant officials, well-known journalists and bloggers.

Currently, the creative teams of the TV channel have been formed, an intensive process of preparing for the broadcast is underway. In the test mode, the employees of the TV channel will present to the audience unique masterpieces of Uzbek cinema, feature films and documentaries.