All signs will be translated into Kazakh in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan will amend the bill on visual information.

According to the bill, all signs, signs, price tags and advertisements in the republic must be in the Kazakh language. According to Berik Abdygaliuly, member of the committee on social and cultural development of the Mazhilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, they will be in Russian only "if necessary."

According to the website "Sputnik Kazakhstan", the problem of the state language worries everyone, the parliamentarian says. Among them is an illiterate presentation of the text of visual information in the Kazakh language. In some cases, we are talking about the lack of information in Kazakh.

According to Abdygaliuly, amendments have been made, which are aimed at describing the traditional, historically established Kazakh names of administrative-territorial units. This also applies to settlements and other geographic objects in the state language.

The MP added that these amendments should bring Kazakhstan "one step closer to solving the problems of the state language status." These proposals will strengthen the responsibility of every citizen, especially entrepreneurs.

In recent years, the situation with the Russian language in the countries of Central Asia has worsened. In Kazakhstan, "language raids" have already taken place, the participants of which forced Russian-speaking citizens to apologize to the camera.