Uzbekistan's external debt exceeded $35 billion

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan has published data on the balance of payments, international investment position and external debt of the republic.
It follows from the data that in the first half of the year, the total (external and private) debt of Uzbekistan amounted to $35.9 billion, an increase of $2 billion. This amounts to about 57% of GDP.

The recovery of the country's economy on the domestic and foreign markets in a situation of a covid crisis served as a fundamental factor in the growth of the republic's external debt.

There is a significant increase in the “other sectors” component due to the issuance and placement of UzAuto Motors securities in the international financial markets with a par value of $ 300 million at 4.85% for a period of 5 years.

Deputy Finance Minister Akhadbek Khaidarov said that after a sharp increase in state budget expenditures, it is planned to reduce the indicator to the pre-crisis level - to 27% of GDP.