The reason for the issue of new banknotes is named

According to Zafar Asadov, an employee of the Central Bank, the reason for the issuance of new-style banknotes was the use of modern protective elements on banknotes after the modernization of the «State Sign». Also, all banknotes are designed to embody the theme of the Great Silk Road and the history of the country.

«From August 26, 2021, the Central Bank will issue banknotes in denominations of 5,000 and 10,000 soums of a new sample. The "state sign" in Uzbekistan, unlike other countries, is made by us, that is, by the State Unitary Enterprise on the recommendation of the Central Bank».

To date, the State Unitary Enterprise has modernized the «State Sign», as a result of which modern protective elements were used on banknotes, it became possible to digitize and varnish in various formats. The design of our banknotes is dedicated to the Great Silk Road and the ancient history of our country.

Zafar Asadov also noted that the old banknotes will be withdrawn from circulation naturally.

«The banknotes issued in 2013 will be in circulation in parallel with the banknotes of the new sample. In the future, only new banknotes will be issued into circulation. Since the old money is in circulation and is used by the population for settlements, the release of new money into circulation does not require additional costs», – he says.

Earlier, the design of new banknotes in 5000 and 10,000 soums was announced.