Twelve of Europe's most powerful clubs announced the launch of a breakaway European Super League

The largest football clubs of the European continent have decided to create a tournament of the European Super League. The new league is intended to replace the UEFA Champions League tournament. FT wrote that UEFA is planning the largest changes in the tournament in almost 30 years of its existence.

Superleague organizers want to get ahead of UEFA and announce their tournament before the union presents changes, the FT said. The creation of the "Super League" will deprive the Champions League of the title of the main club tournament, turn the structure of the sport and redirect billions of dollars to the richest clubs, Bloomberg predicts.

About 12 football clubs have already agreed to join the Super League, including Spanish Real and Barcelona,   English Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea, as well as Italian Juventus, Milan and Inter. These clubs either declined to comment to the newspaper or did not respond to a request. The French "Paris Saint-Germain" and the Munich "Bavaria" have not yet agreed, the interlocutors of the edition say. UEFA thanked “clubs from other countries, especially French and German, who refused to participate” in the Super League.

In total, 20 teams are planned to participate in the Super League, including 15 “permanent participants”. The founding clubs will receive € 100 million, € 350 million each and it's planned that they will continue to play in the national championships. The Super League expects broadcast and advertising contract revenues to reach € 4 billion, and each club will receive a fixed amount of € 264 million per year.

The Super League is being formed at a time when the pandemic has accelerated the instability of the economic model in European football. In addition, the founding clubs have been aiming for several years to improve the quality and density of existing European competition every season, and to create a platform for top teams and footballers to compete regularly.

The European Football Association (UEFA) has warned football clubs about the consequences of participating in a new tournament. That is, the European Super League discussed that leading teams are dissatisfied with the current revenues from UEFA competitions. The association issued a joint statement with the national football associations and leagues of England, Spain and Italy. Union published joint statement with the national football associations and leagues of England, Spain and Italy.