10 Most Peaceful Countries in the World

Peace has been a very important objective in world politics. A world with minimal conflict and crime is a utopia that many nations desire but it still remains out of reach. However, ever since the end of cold war and the establishment of liberal international order, conflict and partisan rivalries have been going out of fashion.

Canada (Global Peace Index Score: 1.33) -10
Czech Republic (Global Peace Index Score: 1.329) -9
Ireland (Global Peace Index Score: 1.326) -8
Switzerland (Global Peace Index Score: 1.323) -7
Austria (Global Peace Index Score: 1.317) -6
Slovenia (Global Peace Index Score: 1.315) -5
Portugal (Global Peace Index Score: 1.26) -4
Denmark (Global Peace Index Score: 1.256) -3
New Zealand (Global Peace Index Score: 1.253) -2
Iceland (Global Peace Index Score: 1.1) -1

Iceland tops the list for being the most peaceful country in the world. Iceland is a Nordic country and as discussed above, Nordic countries have a reputation for being the happiest, most peaceful countries in the world. Iceland does not have quarrels with any of its neighbours. It does not maintain a standing army. Incarceration rate is very low in the country due to minimal crime. OSAC places it on level 1 for being the safest country in the world.