10 new Russian trains will be delivered for Tashkent subway

Tashkent Subway and VEB Corporation, within the framework of the international industrial exhibition INNOPROM, signed a loan agreement for the supply of ten modern subway trains manufactured by the Russian Transmashholding.

The volume of the credit line is EUR 30.4 million for a period of up to 12 years. In financing the transaction from the Russian Export Center (REC, part of the VEB Group. RF), Roseximbank will also participate, which will finance, under a separate loan agreement, part of the cost of metro cars and the cost of a set of spare parts and accessories.

“Supporting the export of Russian industrial products is one of the main directions of VEB's activities. RF. A large-scale program for the reconstruction of the public transport system is currently underway in Uzbekistan. Modern trains of Russian production are already running in the Tashkent metro - in the fall of 2019, with the support of VEB. RF Tashkent received the first five trains. And this is not the only Uzbek-Russian project in the field of urban economy.

At present, VEB is discussing with the khokim of Tashkent a number of projects aimed at creating and developing infrastructure, ”said Daniil Algulyan. The rolling stock will be produced at the Metrovagonmash enterprise near Moscow. The new metro cars will be used to form 10 four-car trains. The cars are equipped with inter-car passages of modular design with a through passage for the unimpeded movement of passengers in the train, double-leaf reclining-sliding doors 1.4 meters wide with external light signaling of open and closed states.