10 universities will be organized in the pedagogical direction

The Decree of the President "On measures to improve the quality of teacher education and further development of higher educational institutions for the training of teaching staff" was adopted.

By the Decree, on the basis of the relevant universities and their bachelor's and master's degrees, the following are created:

Urgench State Pedagogical Institute;
Namangan State Pedagogical Institute;
Gulistan State Pedagogical Institute;
Uzbek-Finnish Pedagogical Institute;
Andijan State Pedagogical Institute;
Bukhara State Pedagogical Institute;
Termez State Pedagogical Institute;
Shakhrisabz State Pedagogical Institute;
Chirchik State Pedagogical University;
Jizzakh State Pedagogical University.
From the 2022/2023 academic year:

the procedure for providing textbooks and methodological manuals used in the fields of preschool, general secondary, secondary special and vocational education on a fee-based basis to pedagogical higher educational institutions at their request is being introduced;
for 2nd- 4th year students studying full-time at the university for the training of teaching staff, weekly training sessions are held in the "4 + 2" mode (4 days - classes at the university, 2 days - in preschool and secondary educational institutions, in the order of practical training).