2021 Nobel Prize winners in physics and chemistry named

The names of the Nobel laureates in physics and chemistry for 2021 have become known.

The prestigious award was shared by three scientists - a Japanese resident of the United States, Shukuro Manabe, a German Klaus Hasselman and an Italian Giorgio Parisi. They have received valuable awards for their contributions to the study of complex systems - from the behavior of atoms to global climate change.

They were engaged in physical modeling of the Earth's climate, developed methods to distinguish between human and natural factors in the increase in atmospheric temperature and, moreover, offered a reliable forecast of global warming.

All three laureates are of venerable age. Manaba is now 90 years old, Hasselman will also be celebrating his 90th birthday this month, and Parisi is 73 years old.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2021 went to the German chemist, director of the Max Planck Institute for Coal Research, Benjamin List, and Princeton University professor David McMillan for research in the field of asymmetric organocatalysis. The names of the winners were announced at the Nobel Committee ceremony in Stockholm.