2,5 thousand neighborhoods specializing in farming and gardening will be developed through leader entrepreneurs

In order for farmers to prepare for the season on time, an additional 350 billion soums will be allocated in the second quarter from the resource account of 2 trillion soums allocated to the Agricultural Fund.

These funds are given through” leader " entrepreneurs for the purchase of seeds, seedlings, fertilizers and other expenses.

These funds were credited with the task of ensuring employment of 165 thousand people in 250 heavy neighborhoods.

Another 2,5 thousand neighborhoods specialize in livestock, poultry, fisheries, bee-keeping. To develop them:

incubator for at least 1,5 thousand neighborhoods;

20-100 chicken eggs for at least 20 thousand apartments in each region;

Bee nests are distributed to 5-10 apartments in the neighborhood up to 1000 soles.

Through these measures, in the first half of the year, it was set the task of ensuring employment of at least 140 thousand people in livestock, poultry, fishery, bee-keeping directions in the population apartments.