A press tour was held on the building of the innovative training and production technopark INNO

On October 25, the Ministry of Innovative Development organized a press tour to the building of the innovative educational and production technopark Inno for journalists, bloggers and media representatives.

The technopark was built in the student town of the Almazar district of Tashkent, with 1.94 hectares of land allocated for it. The total area of ​​the building is 10 thousand 994 m2. Within the framework of the project, a 3-storey building of an innovative educational and scientific center (10 thousand 994 sq. M.) Was built. m.) and a covered greenhouse (496 sq. m.). m.) built.

From the statistics it can be seen that innovative ideas are inherent in youth, - says Akbarhon, Deputy Director General of the National Office for Innovation under the Ministry of Innovative Development.
The main building of the technopark is built of a monolith, and the outer walls are made of aerated concrete. Heating and waterproofing works have been carried out on the outer walls, all metal frames are treated with fire retardant paints, energy-saving equipment has been installed. Improvement and gardening works have been carried out on the territory adjacent to the building.