A representative office of the Uztekstilprom Association will open in the German city of Stuttgart

An important agreement was signed on November 5 in the textile technopark between Gesamtmashe, a confederation of knitwear manufacturers in Germany, and the Uztekstilprom Association.

The opening of this representative office will serve as a huge incentive for Uzbek textile products and brands to take their positions in European markets. It is planned that the representative office will be located directly in the building of the Gesamtmashe Confederation, which will allow to establish close contacts with German buyers. There will be ample opportunities for increasing the export of Uzbekistan's products to Europe, signing direct contracts and studying the demand of the European market. One of the main goals of the representative office is to assist Uzbek brands to take leading positions on European catwalks.

At the same time, in accordance with the agreement, it is envisaged that foreign partners will allocate grants to domestic manufacturers and industry representatives for organizing training courses for specialists in Uzbekistan in engineering and strategic planning, corporate project management, and marketing.