Alisher Kadyrov called for redirecting funding for the construction of schools

Alisher Kadyrov, the head of the «Milliy Tiklanish» party, said that more money should be spent on building schools instead of raising teachers' salaries.

The head of the party argued his position with the following sentence:

«Teaching should be the highest paid profession. This can only be achieved through competition. Let a good teacher get a high salary, and a teacher with a low level of training leaves the profession. "Random" people in pedagogy are like a "random" person performing a complex surgical operation. The only difference is that we lose one person in medicine, and a whole generation in pedagogy,» - Alisher Kadyrov said.

He also added that due to the fact that salaries for all categories of teachers are increasing in the republic, the pace of construction of new schools remains low, according to the official telegram channel.