"All this is not true" - Mark Zuckerberg responded to criticism of Facebook

Facebook founder and head Mark Zuckerberg called false statements that the company neglects the safety of users, including minors, for the sake of profit. So he commented on the accusations made earlier by the ex-employee of the company, Frances Haugen.

"All this is not true," the businessman wrote on his Facebook page. "As with other social issues, I don't think private companies have to make all the decisions on their own. That is why we have been advocating updating the rules for the Internet for several years now."

At a Senate hearing on the safety of children on the Internet, Haugen claimed that Facebook knew about the psychological problems that social networks cause in adolescents, but did not take action.

Frances Haugen, former Facebook employee: “Mark has a unique position in the tech industry as he owns more than 55% of all voting shares in Facebook. There are no companies as powerful that are unilaterally controlled. Mark. Currently, no one can make Zuckerberg responsible but himself. "

The accusations against the Internet giant can be used by lawmakers to tighten the regulation of its activities.