American employers began to abandon the requirement of constant wearing of masks

Major U.S. employers have begun to move away from the requirement to wear masks at all times in offices as COVID-19 vaccinations and coronavirus infections decrease. Employees of companies where they relaxed the requirements of the mask regime welcomed such decisions, in others they expect it to be weakened.

On Friday, November 5, Apple announced plans to drop the requirement to wear face masks all the time in many of its U.S. stores. Earlier, Amazon and JPMorgan Chase & Co relaxed the requirements for their employees to wear masks. Amazon (about 1 million workers in the US) has told warehouse employees that they can discard their masks if they are fully vaccinated, and federal, state or local laws do not provide otherwise.

JPMorgan has relaxed its rules on masking vaccinated employees in some high-vaccination areas in the United States. A memo sent out to staff states that they must continue to wear masks in public areas. Other companies that have introduced mask wearing in the workplace in the wake of the spread of the delta strain of coronavirus - Boeing, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, Home Depot, Target Corp., General Motors and Ford Motor - have still not changed their requirements.