Amusement parks will be open 24 hours a day

According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, the greening of the total area of ​​the city of Tashkent will be increased to 30% by 2023.

Amusement parks in the city of Tashkent will operate around the clock for 24 hours.

On an area of ​​at least 60 hectares in Tashkent, a public amusement park will be created, as well as small green parks in each district.

In Bektemir and Uchepinsky districts, the tasks of landscaping and landscaping will be outsourced to entrepreneurs. In this regard, a legal experiment will be carried out next year.

In the fall of 2021 and in the spring of 2022, 1 million seedlings will be planted in Tashkent, 1,500 wells will be drilled. 225 billion soums will be spent for these purposes.

In the capital, 131 kilometers long pedestrian paths and 127 kilometers of bicycle paths will be built. It is planned to allocate 62 billion soums for these purposes.

12 parks and 25 km of bike paths will be built in the makhallas of the city of Tashkent. It is planned to spend 30 billion soums on this.