At the summit of the Shanghai Organization, a decision was made on the transfer of the chairmanship to Uzbekistan in 2021-2022

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev outlined the priorities of our country's chairmanship in the SCO:
- further enhancement of the authority and potential of the SCO;
- Development of the Program for the Development of Intraregional Trade;
- adoption of the Industrial Cooperation Program and the creation of cooperation centers in this area;
- Adoption of the SCO Strategy in the field of transport connectivity;
- development of the Program for Infrastructure Development of Infrastructure in the SCO Area;
- strengthening cooperation in the field of poverty reduction and food security;
- establishment of the SCO expert Forum in the field of information security;
- introduction of the institution of the SCO Goodwill Ambassador;
- development of an intergovernmental agreement in the field of tourism;
- Adoption of the "Roadmap" for combating infectious diseases.
In order to implement the priority tasks outlined by the head of our state for the period of Uzbekistan's chairmanship, it is planned to hold more than 80 events together with partners.