Biden will meet with allies to canvass Ukraine

Joe Biden, the US President will hold talks with allies and partners on February 28 on the situation around Ukraine and measures against Russia.

“On the line of protected communication, the president will speak with allies and partners to canvass the latest developments in the Russian Federation’s attack on Ukraine and to coordinate our unique response,” the White House said.

The interview will take place at 19:15 p.m Moscow time, which will be closed to the media. The White House did not reveal a list of event attendees.

Earlier, the State News Service reported that former U.S. President Donald Trump had written that Russian President Vladimir Putin had become smarter in front of the U.S. government in the Ukraine situation and had defeated current U.S. President Joe Biden.

"Putin is not only smart, but our leaders are stupid," the politician said.
Donald Trump, the former owner of the White House, has said that the conflict in Ukraine could be prevented if he becomes president of the United States.