Bill Gates shares fortune with his wife after divorce

Melinda Gates has already received $ 1.8 billion in securities. The Cascade Investment Fund, created by Microsoft founder Bill Gates, has transferred more than $ 1.8 billion in securities to his wife, Bloomberg reports.


It is noted that Cascade currently owns more than $ 50 billion in securities, including a stake in Republic Services, Deere & Co. and Ecolab.


“There’s no precedent for this, for what the Gateses represent both in their wealth and their status. Even more importantly, this reflects this new era that we’re in which these engaged living donors really dominate the landscape in a way they haven’t for a century.” - said Benjamin Soskis, a historian of philanthropy and a senior researcher at the Urban Institute. An immediate share transfer may be a sign that it has already been decided how the fortune will be divided.


The Gates live in public property state Washington, DC. This means that everything acquired during marriage is considered to be equally owned by both partners. However, this does not mean that their fortune will be divided equally.


The split after 27 years of marriage came just two years after announcing the separation in 2019 between Jeff Bezos and Mackenzie Scott, another Washington state billionaire couple. This divorce resulted in the division of the spouses' 16% stake into 75-25%. Earlier it was reported that Melinda refused alimony in case of divorce.


Property issues were previously settled by separation contract.