Borrell's estimation about the events involving Russia

EU High Representative for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell made a statement on the situation with Russia. The statement was made public after a meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council. Josep Burrell said that after the talks, all EU countries agreed not to aggravate tensions with Russia.

“It is important that the EU does not deviate from its current course towards Russia and continue to protect human rights and do it very consistently,” said German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. On the eve of the EU Council summit at the level of foreign ministers, Maas said that the European Union was ready for a dialogue with Russia, if Moscow also agreed.

In connection with the case of the explosion of ammunition depots in Vrbetica, which occurred in the fall-winter of 2014, Czech Prime Minister Andrei Babis asked all EU countries to send one Russian diplomat each as a sign of solidarity.

The claims of the Czech leader regarding the accusation of Russia led to a diplomatic scandal, during which the Czech Republic and Russia exchanged expulsions of diplomats. In solidarity with Prague, the Baltic states, Slovakia and some other EU countries joined the deportations.

According to Burrell, Moscow continues to demonstrate a "model of negative action" towards the EU and the situation around Russia will be discussed at the upcoming summit of the European Council on May 25.

“We will discuss the situation in Russia, the situation is not improving,” the politician said on Monday, May 10.