Citizens submitted 48,492 proposals

“Like all our citizens, I am closely monitoring these important processes. We are glad that the people, the representatives of our society are not apathetic to the constitutional reforms, but actively participate with their proposals and comments, "said President Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

“Certainly, our constitutional reforms play a consequential role for the fate and future of Uzbekistan.

Therefore, I consider it necessary today to meet in person with you, esteemed members of the commission, and exchange views.

We are entering a new and very responsible stage in enhancing the Constitution.

As of today, the Commission has received 48,492 proposals from citizens, which clearly indicate that constitutional reforms are on the agenda as an objective necessity.

The proposals offered by the Constitutional Commission have been thoroughly canvassed and are currently being submitted to the Legislative Chamber. Then, the law will be discussed in accordance with the rules," highlighted the President.