Constitutional guarantees required to protect private property will be strengthened

“Centuries of experience in development outline that a strong social state cannot be formed without private property and its reliable guarantees.

Therefore, we need to strengthen the constitutional guarantees necessary to ensure the protection of private property in our Constitution. So that every entrepreneur, regardless of type, always feels that he/she is always protected by the state, the Constitution, the laws and the President,” said the President.

As in developed countries, an arrangement must be made so that the owner is not deprived of his or her property without a court order, his or her consent, or fair compensation.

At the same time, I think that the time has come to establish as a constitutional rule the question of not reviewing or canceling the results of denationalization and privatization.

We need to remove all obstacles and barriers to the development of entrepreneurship, which is the main driving force of our economy,” the President said.