Demo-day event was held

Yashnabad Innovative Technopark under the Ministry of Innovative Development has organized a program "Business Incubator", which was attended by young entrepreneurs, students, entrepreneurs and researchers under the age of 18.

The main goal of the program is to turn young people, young entrepreneurs, inventors and scientists into business models, to help them in business management, to increase the entrepreneurial potential of entrepreneurs, scientists and young entrepreneurs.

The three-month program provided participants with practical skills in transforming and implementing their scientific ideas into a business model, working with investors by leading local and international experts from Uzbekistan, and attaching experienced business mentors to the participants.

The program covered topics such as marketing management, financial management, business operations, digitalization and effective use of electronic platforms, legal literacy and taxation.

Lessons were conducted online and offline, and topics were reinforced through additional assignments. A total of 50 community members participated, gaining knowledge and skills, and members researched their business projects.

On March 28, the Demo-Day event was held as a result of the program. The participants presented their projects and business plans to investors. The winners of the Business Incubator program were also awarded.