Dense fog: 2 Andijan flights were directed to Fergana

The press service of Uzbekistan Airways reports on the transfer of flights and flight routes due to unfavorable weather conditions.

On December 24, deteriorating meteorological conditions (fog and insufficient visibility) forced the HY091 / Tashkent-Andijan flight to be re-routed along the Tashkent-Fergana alternative route, the return flight HY092 / Andijan-Tashkent, respectively, will be operated from Fergana. This change only applies to December 24.

What is more, passengers in Uzbekistan Airways should take into account the postponement of the flights of the following flights:

Flight HY-091 at 14:00
Flight HY-092 at 16:00

In this circumstance, passengers flying to Andijan will be transferred between the airports of these cities and delivered to Fergana.