Development of extreme sports and modern mountain tourism

Ministry of Tourism and sports encourages entrepreneurs and businessmen to develop extreme sports and modern mountain tourism!

Today, mountain tourism in Uzbekistan is developing rapidly. In particular, the dor road of the Mountain-Ski Resort “Amirsoy”, which has a total length of 6 kilometers, has been launched in the last two years.

In the first half of 2022, the Chinorkent road is planned to start its activity. The Beldirsoy Recreation Center will be reconstructed and a new modern road will be launched. It is also established that a new ski resort will be built in Chimyon.

In the bostanlik district, it is planned to further develop the direction of mountain tourism, to bring it to a new level, to apply a wide range of extreme sports and modern mountain classes, and to facilitate entrepreneurs through this. For these purposes, it is planned that the land areas, which are acceptable for the training of dor road, rafting, rope-bungee jumping, zipline, Canyon, paraplan, will be opened for auction in accordance with the established procedure, taking into account the proposals of entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who initiated the above-mentioned mountain tourism, sports and extreme training activities will be provided with the following information from the Ministry of Tourism and sports they will be required to send an e-mail:
1. Presentation with detailed information about the proposed project (in PDF format);
2. Land area required for the project and its location;
3. Information on the work experience of the initiator in the implementation of projects in the relevant field and/or similar.