Employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic missions of Uzbekistan abroad took part in diplomatic courses at the Higher School of Diplomacy

Within the framework of the training program for employees of state institutions at the Higher School of Diplomacy a short-term training course on the topic "Economic and Digital Diplomacy" was completed.

The aim of this training, which took place from 3-4 December, was to provide diplomats and employees of ministries and departments responsible for foreign economic relations with knowledge of the basics of economic diplomacy.

The course covered the topics of economic diplomacy, the international investment climate and strategies for attracting foreign investment, the art of communication, public speaking, contemporary global trends and their impact on information and analytical work.

It should be noted that the training course was conducted by experienced lecturers from the UK, China, South Korea, Malaysia, Germany, the USA and international organizations, who use modern and relevant materials, and the classes themselves are conducted in an interactive form.