Fast Track in Tashkent airport

A new Fast Track service has been launched at the departure terminal of Tashkent International Airport.

The service allows passengers to check in for flight, customs and passport control, as well as pre-flight checks.

To use the Fast Track service, a passenger must contact the information corner at the departure terminal. Once the payment is made, the airport staff will escort the passenger along a special "corridor" to the "sterile" zone, from where the passenger will board the board independently.

The cost of the "Fast Track" service is 170,000 UZS. There is also a “Family” package for passengers flying with family members.

You can also pay in cash in the national currency or by bank transfer via Uzcard, Humo, Visa, Mastercard and others.

Fast Track is an ideal solution for passengers who value their time.

In addition to the Fast Track service, passengers flying from Tashkent Airport can also purchase a waiting service at the ANOR Business Comfort Lounge, located in the sterile area of the departure terminal.