Food Truck seats will now be auctioned off

In order to regulate outbound and retail trade activities, a new decree was signed.

Resolution No. PP-5136 of 04.06.2021 "On measures for the introduction of information technologies in on-site retail activities and support for business entities engaged in retail trade activities through vending machines".

from December 1, 2021, the following rules will be introduced:

outbound trade activities are carried out by business entities by registering outbound trade objects in the automated information system "K - SAVDO" in electronic form. At the same time, the registration fee is not charged to business entities;

places of outbound trade (with the exception of those owned by private owners) are sold at an electronic auction through the AIS "K-SAVDO" in accordance with the schemes of placement of outbound trade objects.

The starting price will depend on the district and 80% of the money received from the sale in the auction will go to the district budget, 20% - to the tax committee.

After the winner of the auction pays in full the cost of the off-site retail space, a certificate with a QR code is automatically issued to him through the AIS "K-SAVDO", which gives him the right to use this place for 36 months. At the same time, it is not necessary to conclude a contract for the use of an off-site retail space.

Employees of the tax service bodies will conduct explanatory work on the need for registration in the information system, as well as provide practical assistance in its passage, during the initial identification of outbound trading activities without registration in the AIS "K-SAVDO".