For 2 years, more than 120 thousand hectares of land were plundered or aimlessly transferred by khokimiyats

On June 9, AOKA hosted a press conference on the establishment of new procedures in the field of land plots. The event was addressed by the Minister of Justice, Deputy Prosecutor General, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and the leadership of the Cadastral Agency under the State Tax Committee.

“For two years, our prosecutors have filed a protest against the cancellation of more than 7,500 land decisions. Administrative courts overturned more than 2,500 decisions of district khokims. According to the land legislation, criminal cases have been initiated against 588 persons, investigative actions are being carried out, ”said Deputy Prosecutor General Shavkatjon Rakhimov.

In this regard, Justice Minister Ruslanbek Davletov said: “Those whose houses were demolished, the military and other privileged, socially unprotected citizens will be provided with money, not land. That is, the benefits will be monetized, the state will provide subsidies”.

To prevent these violations, the following results are expected from the Presidential Decree:

plunder, arbitrary seizure, illegal sale of land will be sharply reduced;

lands are distributed in a uniform and transparent manner for all;

land becomes a marketable asset and is included in the financial turnover;

the procedure for land allotment is determined by a single document - the Land Code;

the effectiveness of state and public control in the land sector is increasing.