Foreigners' demand for Uzbek silk is growing

The Uzbekipaksanoat association held a meeting with the head of the Namal international company, which is engaged in the import of raw silk to Pakistan, Rajab Hussein.

As you know, our country is becoming an investment attractive country. In the field of sericulture, a cluster, that is, the process from the silkworm, which is a source of essential nutrients for the silkworm, to the production of silk at factories for processing cocoons and obtaining finished products from it, has been established in Uzbekistan on the basis of an unbreakable chain. This certainly attracts foreign investors.

During the meeting, the chairman of the Uzbekipaksanoat Association, Bakhrom Sharipov, expressed the opinion that Uzbekistan has created favorable investment conditions and opportunities in the field of silkworm breeding, the market in this direction has not yet been fully developed, and the production enterprises belonging to the industry can operate freely for 7 years.

The parties agreed on the terms of mutually beneficial cooperation, the procedure for setting prices based on the market area.

“There are 76 enterprises for processing cocoons in our country, 80 percent of which work on a prepaid basis,” Bakhrom Sharipov said. - If you want to purchase a high quality silk product, you can attach a quality control specialist to the factories that receive your order. For this, we will create all the conditions.

The guests were invited to the cocoon processing plants. At the end of the meeting, the partners examined the showroom of the association.