From January to September, $ 7.2 billion of foreign investment was spent

In the period from January to September 2020, the total volume of utilized foreign investment in Uzbekistan amounted to $ 7.2 billion (of which $ 5.7 billion in fixed assets), including $ 4.9 billion in foreign direct investment, and 2 , $ 3 billion - funds of international financial institutions and foreign government financial organizations, according to the press service of the Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade of the country.

In terms of foreign direct investment, sectoral enterprises disbursed $ 1.8 billion of investments, of which $ 1.3 billion in fixed assets (growth rate - 126% in relation to the same period last year), and within the framework of regional investment programs - 3 , 1 billion dollars, of which 2.5 billion dollars in fixed assets (growth rate - 93% in relation to the same period last year).

According to the results of the reporting period, the most attractive for foreign investors were the electrical industry (growth - 25 times compared to the same period in 2019), the ICT sector (growth - 3.6 times) and the chemical industry (growth - 1.2 times ). Considering the indicators in the context of regions, it is worth noting the high dynamics of growth in foreign direct investment in Surkhandarya (1.1 times), Navoi (1.7 times) and Namangan regions (1.3 times).

A significant increase in investment performance is due, inter alia, to an increase in the inflow of funds allocated to Uzbekistan by international financial institutions and foreign government financial organizations, the bulk of which falls on the financial organizations of the Japanese government - JICA and JBIC (20% in relation to the total volume, or 470, $ 8 million), Asian Development Bank (16.6%, or $ 380.0 million), World Bank (11.2%, or $ 256.8 million), Islamic Development Bank (3.6%, or 81, 2 million dollars) and others.

These funds were used to implement projects in the oil and gas industry ($ 884.3 million), agriculture and water management ($ 461.9 million), the chemical industry ($ 272 million), energy ($ 205.7 million), transport and the logistics sector ($ 171 million), healthcare ($ 70.0 million) and education ($ 32.4 million).

In total, 65 large investment projects worth $ 3.3 billion were completed in the reporting period, due to which more than 13 thousand new jobs were created. In particular, the Republic of Karakalpakstan launched the project "Construction of two combined cycle gas turbines with a capacity of 230 - 280 MW at the Takhiatash TPP", in the Navoi region, on the basis of Navoiazot JSC, the production of nitric acid has been established, in the city of Tashkent - the production of household refrigerators for $ 62.1 million in Technopark LLC and its subsidiaries, the construction of an elevated metro for $ 466.1 million (Phase 1), the construction of the second stage of the Yunusabad line of the Tashkent metro worth $ 103.8 million, and in the Jizzakh region - the organization of cement production at Huasin Cement Jizzak LLC worth $ 150 million.

In total, by the end of 2020, it is planned to assimilate $ 10.1 billion of foreign investment, of which $ 9.2 billion in fixed assets, including the volume of foreign direct investment development will amount to $ 7.0 billion, of which 6 in fixed assets , $ 6 billion (102% in relation to the results of 2019).

In order to stimulate the attraction and development of foreign investments, the Government Commission for the Development of Exports and Investments, on-site, continues systematic work to study and solve the problems of entrepreneurs and initiators of investment projects. The Ministry of Investment and Foreign Trade, together with sectoral ministries, departments and local authorities, is conducting special monitoring of the implementation of 206 large investment projects planned for commissioning this year, worth more than $ 10.1 billion, the implementation of which will create more than 30 thousand jobs. These projects include the construction of a Tashkent Metallurgical Plant worth $ 359.4 million (672 jobs), the organization of ammonia and urea production on the basis of Navoiazot JSC worth $ 985.7 million (491 jobs), the organization of the production of textile products at the LLC Jizzakh Kenteks worth $ 25.0 million (400 jobs) and others.

It is also worth noting that according to the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures to move to a qualitatively new system for the formation and implementation of the investment program of the Republic of Uzbekistan" by the end of 2020, it is planned to introduce an automated information system integrated with the information systems of state bodies "Control and monitoring of the implementation of investment projects" ...

This software package is a component of the Unified National Project Management Information System, which will include both project initiators and all government agencies involved in their implementation.

The advantage of this system will be the ability to monitor the timing, budget, goals and performance of projects, generate reliable data on the volume of attracted and utilized investments, identify the risks of untimely commissioning of projects, and track the achievement of the target indicators provided for by the project documentation in the post-investment period.