Here our history, culture will be demonstrated

The tourism center has the task of increasing services. The president got acquainted with the construction of the "Silk road Samarkand" tourism center.

This huge park is being restored along the rowing canal in the Samarkand region. The cost of the project is 381 million dollars. Today, 8 hotels, Congress Hall," Eternal City " caravanserai are being built. Two of the hotels will be 22 floors, five-star, the rest four-star.

Instructions on the establishment of modern services were given here.

"We have a lot of buildings and monuments where tourists come and watch. But the type of services is low, the quality is low. It is necessary to establish a multi-band service in the center. Students studying in the field of tourism should come here and practice," Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

The president of our country also entered and saw the "Eternal City" convoy. This place reminds us of the ancient cities of our country, reflects the traditions of architecture of our people, types of Applied Art, national dishes, the appearance of our ancient markets.

"Here is the manifestation of our history, culture, sees people come up with children. Therefore, the decorations in the buildings should be in the norm of colors, characteristic of our nationality. It is also possible to organize a stand of craftsmen in the courtyard of the Caravanserai," the President said.