How can brands of Uzbekistan tell about their achievements? Renewed “Brand of the Year” award and the first marketing rating

The phenomenal success of brands like Apple and Tesla has been a frequent topic of discussion lately. Their rapid growth leaves no one indifferent, they are known and loved all over the world.

What brands are the most successful on the Uzbek market? Who are our leaders who have won the trust and love of their consumers?

From a marketing point of view, the first Rating of Marketing Effectiveness of Brands and Agencies and the Consolidated Rating of Creativity for 2021 ("Положение о рейтингах -") year according to Marketing Associations of Uzbekistan, which were published in December 2021.

Participation in the ratings reflects the results and achievements of the most effective companies in the field of marketing in Uzbekistan, through their success in professional festivals and competitions, where they get the opinion of the best experts about their activities. Today, brand and agency ratings are the only tool for assessing the correct strategy for positioning and promotion in the Uzbek market.

Ratings help to find out which brands are the most active in the market, which companies are the most successful and build their relationships with consumers, taking into account their needs, who had the most interesting and breakthrough products and services.

For brands, participation in the Ratings is an opportunity to show the results of their work for the year, to talk about their achievements and new products. Moreover, any brands and agencies can participate in the Rating. To do this, you must submit an application to the Marketing Association of Uzbekistan and provide information on participation and victories in professional competitions in Uzbekistan and abroad. Participation in the Ratings is free.

In February of this year, brands of Uzbekistan will have a new opportunity to increase their points in the Ratings through participation in the V "Brand of the Year" Award (link "РЕГЛАМЕНТ ПРЕМИИ «БРЕНД ГОДА 2021» -"), which will be held this year in a new format.

The purpose of the "Brand of the Year" Award is to identify, support and encourage the best marketing teams and experts who successfully work in the domestic market, develop the business sector, the infrastructure of the marketing services market in Uzbekistan.

If the organizers chose brands to participate in the previous four Brand of the Year Awards, this year participation in the Awards will be at the request of the brands themselves.

“We changed the list of nominations and made it so that each brand, regardless of the type of activity, had the opportunity to apply and participate in the Prize,” says Diyor Mirzaakhmedov, Chairman of the Board of the Marketing Association of Uzbekistan. for 2021 and therefore, the reception will begin in February. The rules of the Prize have already been published on our website, you can get acquainted with it and start preparing the presentation".

The 5th Brand of the Year Award is, first of all, an open popular vote of consumers, which reached 300,000 people in 2021. To date, this annual vote is the largest industry tool for marketing research of consumer loyalty. In parallel, over 200 partners and experts of the Association will vote.

All brands participating in the Award have the opportunity to present the brand's marketing achievements to the general public and to acquaint a wide audience of consumers and experts with business successes for 2021. The winners of the Prize become holders of the "Brand 2021" status from the Antimonopoly Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Marketing Association of Uzbekistan for the recognition of consumers and experts, which can be used in advertising and in the media.

And most importantly, the results of the "Brand of the Year 2021" award are included in the annual Rating of the marketing effectiveness of brands and agencies according to the Marketing Association of Uzbekistan.
The winners, by tradition, will be announced in May at the MAKON Marketing forum 2022.