HUMO and UZCARD terminals have learned to read each other's cards

On December 27 of this year, the UZCARD and HUMO payment systems demonstrated payment acceptance at the terminals of both systems. Previously, there were restrictions in terminals, but now one terminal will be able to serve both UZCARD and HOMO cards.

In order for the terminal to start accepting both types of cards, it needs to be updated. In the near future, banks will receive instructions with the necessary steps to implement such an update.

The cooperation of payment systems will make it possible to more actively identify the needs of the market and implement the necessary solutions.
Within the framework of the memorandum on integration, the companies will continue cooperation in the following areas:

▪ protection of the interests of cardholders, banks, payment organizations and retail outlets;

▪ improvement of technologies and expansion of infrastructure to stimulate non-cash payments;

▪ implementation of projects to ensure the reliability and information security of the payment infrastructure.