Ibrahim Raisi became the new president of Iran

According to the results of the presidential election of Iran, the highest number of votes was received by the Chairman of the Supreme Court of Iran, Ibrahim Raisi, reports spiegel.de.

According to the head of the election headquarters, the majority of the votes - 17.8 million (62.2%)-was received by the Chairman of the Supreme Court, 60-year-old Ibrahim Raisi. The new president overtook his main opponent, the former head of the IRGC (Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps), during the elections) Mohsen Rezai by 14.5 million votes.

Former Iranian President Hassan Rouhani commented on the situation as follows: «I congratulate the people on their election. My official congratulations will come later, however, we know who won enough votes in this election and was elected by the people today».

It should be added that former President Hassan Rouhani did not take part in the elections, as he held this post for two consecutive terms. A total of seven candidates were allowed to run, but three of them refused to participate on the last day of the election campaign.